Our pepper is obtained from the berries of Piper nigrum. Green, white and black pepper are the fruit of the same pepper plant, it is the process and stage of maturation that differentiate them.
We partner with producers from the South-East region of the island, including Manakara, Mananjary and Farafangana.

Black pepper

Obtained from dried berries with an unbroken pericarp, its appearance is brownish to dark brown, or blackish color.
Black pepper is characterized by a penetrating aroma, with hot and piney taste.
Density: 550g/L

White pepper

Obtained from dried berries after removing the pericarp, its appearance is of a matte grey to brownish, and pale ivory white.
White pepper has a slightly sharp and very aromatic flavour.
Density: 600 g/L

Voatsiperifery – Wild pepper

Family of piper negrum (like all peppers).
Wild pepper called Voatsiperifery is endemic to Madagascar.
Rich fragrance and intense pungent limit, a little woody.
Fructification from July to April.
Types: red and black

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